Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Developing a Character: Brain-Storming (Part 2)

Since my last brainstorm I've settled on using the Bali demon 'Rangda' as a template for one of my characters. I returned to the book of Asian mythology for more inspiration, a clear choice for a second character was 'Barong', known as the Spirit King. He lead a band of warriors to defeat Rangda, ultimately achieving this goal. This makes him an obvious choice for myhtology's sake.

Barong is described as: "The Spirit King is the opponent of Rangda. He takes the form of a lion, representing day, light and the forces of goodness."

However I felt that the description given for Barong in the book didn't given me enough to work with as it essentially amounted to "Barong is a Good Guy" so, I set about trying to develop my own. After Brain-Storming I came up with three main concepts:

  • 1. He acts as a sage for another character as being the spirit king he is neither dead nor alive.
  • 2. He's an angel how must possess the body of a human to have any power whilst on Earth.
  • 3. He's Rangda's Brother/ex-lover and human-sympathiser.

Before settling on any of these ideas though I still had another character from the mythology book;

'Jigokudayu', described as "A Courtesan who experienced enlightenment when she looked in the mirror and saw a vision of a skeleton gazing back. She became a disciple of Zen Master Ikkyu Sojun".

Same with Barong, I had a few ideas for how I could mold Jigokudayu:

  • 1. Commited suicide after her lover is killed during a war and is chosen to go back to fight Rangda as only one who has loved can defeat her.
  • 2. Disciple of Barong (refering to Barong's Sage concept) as she has been cursed by a Demon (possibly Rangda).

Ultimately I decided to go with Barong for several reasons, firstly I've not really worked on a male character for a video game or ever tried to model one, secondly I felt he had more potential due to his connection with the demon Rangda. So after deciding on Barong I put together this basic background story thats kind of a mix of the several concepts I had in mind.

"Barong, brother to Xangdra, is a Lion-like demon. He grew sympathetic towards humans as they saw him as a symbol of courage and honour. Over the centuaries he began protecting them against other demons. Living amoungst humans in disguise, Barong learns of his sister's rise to power and plans to eradicate life on the planet and sets out trying to stop it"

(Barong pictured above)
It's a little cliche'd but I like certain angles such as him being her brother and having a lion like demon form should be interesting to design. With that done thats two of my characters main backgrounds complete. Sure there are finer details that need to be ironed out but that will come further down the line in the preliminary sketching stages.

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