Monday, 19 September 2011

Self Directed Brief: De-briefing!

Upon entering my third year of University I've been given the oppertunity to develop my own brief to complete.

For my own brief I've decided to create from development concept sketch to Final 3D model, Two characters for a third person action/adventure Video Game aimed at teenagers 12-18. The characters and game will be designed around a fantasy/sci-fi genre.

In the R & D stages of this project I will be researching successful action/adventure games and their characters to see what makes an appealing game/character, looking into concept art while analysing the images such as appealing designs, colours and characteristics. I'll also be looking at the difference between eastern and western video game characters and their respective games.

When it comes to creating the characters, I will be using character sheets to define the personalities and backgrounds before beginning work on any conceptual side of the development. From there I will work with traditional and digital tools to develop the concept art for the two characters, once the designs have been finalised I will use Maya to create the 3D models for the final characters.

Ultimately I will be creating a collection of concept art, turnarounds and final 3d models (with turnaround video), this work will be used in my professional portfolio for when it comes to looking for work within the media industry, this is the reason why I chose to do this project, as well as the oppertunity to improve my illustration/design skills.