Thursday, 2 June 2011

Returning to Blondie

When I was designing Tuco and Angel Eyes after the final crit I also went back and did a few more sketches of Blondie.

These new sketches show a much more definite style as after the final crit I felt I knew what I was doing with my pencil. The over design was kep the same but what changed was blondie's face, now longer was it hidden behind a shaggy beared these now stubble, his face and to an extent his whole body type is more gaunt/slender and more akin to Blondie's original body shape from the film.

Although I've already completed the turnaround for blondie if I have time after the evaluation is written I plan to go back and redo blondie's turnaround in the new style I developed since the tuco turnaround.

I'm glad I went back and touched up the deisgn for blondie as I feel much better about the design overall and how He'd fit in with the rest of the cast.

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