Thursday, 2 June 2011

Prop Design

When it came to designing the props for this brief, I originally settled on the idea of designing the breathing device that would be widely used in the World I was creating but due to time constraints I fell back upon a prop I came up when designing the Tuco character.

Since the basic design of a gun was drawn in a piece of concept art I went forward and decided to complete a finalised design for that specific one as well as two more for variety. The three are based off real gun models, atleast originally; one is based off a pistol, one a revolver and another a modern day hand gun. I also designed two types of ammunition that would work with the weapons.

I imagine that these weapons would use heat capsules instead of modernday ammunition, this game me the excuse to be a little more creative with the gun designs and their ammunition.

Overall I'm that I chose to develop these props as I feel the final result is a highquality piece of design and would be easy for a prop maker the materialise, either physically or digitally. The minial use of colour is some places was to differentiated the guns from modernday guns but to also make them look a little more interesting. In terms of design I'm glad with the way this sheet turned out.

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