Thursday, 2 June 2011

Developing Tuco (part 2)

Once I had the general look of Tuco's face down I decided to carry on with desiging his costume. I drew what just came naturally and the design that came out was kind of vest thing.

I started to develop the full body design of the character, drawing influence from general design of the space suits of aliens from starwars. I tried to develop a range of emotions or poses to try get the feeling of the character down but it wasn't until I drew a piece of tuco siting at the table holding his gun that I really felt intune with the character.

Overall I'm happy with these designs as they've come and I feel this new style of creating the characters since the final crit is really working well for me. With this style in mind I feel that it's really going well, it's also at this point I drew a character holding a prop, be it a gun, but this opens up an option to develop that further as a prop.

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