Thursday, 2 June 2011

Angel Eyes Turnaround

With the design aspect of angel eyes complete I continued through and created the turnaround for angels eyes.

Keeping in design of the original Angel eyes colour aesthetic of darker/darkest colours of the group. As mentioned I balanced this out with the use of the brown cowboy boots.

Again I used the technique of completing turn arounds in this new 3/4 manner and the painted style that I feel works well. Ideally if I had more time I would have made it a little more detailed but I still think this works for the final design. Looking over this turn around I feel that I should have brought more attention to the fact that Angel eyes has implants instead of organic eyes and it's clear to see in these final designs that the prosthetic arm I was planning to add was dropped.

Again, as with the Tuco design I feel this isn't iconically sci-fi but wouldn't look out of place in one ude to such minor design tweaks seen in the colour and the design of the tie.

If you've seen over the designs these a use of blue "tron" lines, I wanted something that would bring the characters together in some way and this was a simple but effective way to do as it's a subtle design choice. With this design complete that's me finished all the turn arounds, but with this new version I'm considering going back and redoing the design for blondie if theres enouch time between writing up the evaluation and the deadline.

Overall I feel this design works for Angel Eyes and is the step in the right direction for what I envisioned when coming up with this brief.

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