Thursday, 2 June 2011

Angel Eyes Development

With Tuco and Blondie Complete all thats left is to go through the process of designing Angel Eyes. This character was probably one of the harder ones to develop as I went through several different designs for just the look of Angel Eye's face.

It wasn't until after the final crit did I begin to create some looks that I was really happy with. I eventually opted for a middle aged look to the character with a shaved head as I thought this help add a bit of imtimidation to the character.

I still wanted to opt fot the hit man/ hired gun look, so the basic look of this suit didn't change much through the development but more details were added such as the concept of adding cowboy books. These were added as a general attempt to add a bit of personality to the suit and make the character seem a little more unsual than just a hired gun. I feel that this addition was a good creative design choice as it also breaks up the heavy use of blacks as the most logical step to take after giving a character a suit is to add formal shoes but, the idea of Angel eyes walking down a corridor and his spurs sending a shiver down victim's spine is something I feel adds to the character.

He still needs a little more work though.

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