Thursday, 2 June 2011

Final Words On Negotiated Brief

With all the final turnarounds, prop design and Storyboards complete I feel I've come to the end of my project. Originally I had planned to also include a environment piece but due to time constraits I never got round to working on it, retrospectively I feel I had bitten off a little more than I could chew.

Overall I've complete 3 character turnarounds, a prop design and 3 storyboards and I feel that this amount can constitute as a good body of work along. If you include the research I completed and the total of 48 blog posts in this project I don't feel too disappointed that I didn't get round to completing a environment piece. I feel that over the year the level of skill in my drawings has increased and I've become more confident in photoshop and I'm getting closer to finding my own style in photoshop with each new piece I complete.

The hardest parts of this project were definietly settling on a design for angel eyes but it was a fun challenge and this type of brief I would love to try as a personal project. With all my work complete all thats left is to complete an evaluation and hand in the project.

I am also considering completing one more turnaround for Blondie between completion of the evaluation and the deadline, but if I can't get it done in time I plan to get a new turnaround completed for the end of year show as I feel that the newer turnarounds are much more friendly to viewers.

Overall this project was a fun challenge and it definetly made me realise that working as a conceptual artist is something I would love to focus on for the third year. Overall I'm proud of the work I've completed and feel that the sacrifice of no environmental art to make the deadline is a wiser choice considering the amount of work I've completed and because of this I feel I've got slightly better at managing my time but this is an aspect that still needs improving but, this has been a great project to end my second year on.

Returning to Blondie

When I was designing Tuco and Angel Eyes after the final crit I also went back and did a few more sketches of Blondie.

These new sketches show a much more definite style as after the final crit I felt I knew what I was doing with my pencil. The over design was kep the same but what changed was blondie's face, now longer was it hidden behind a shaggy beared these now stubble, his face and to an extent his whole body type is more gaunt/slender and more akin to Blondie's original body shape from the film.

Although I've already completed the turnaround for blondie if I have time after the evaluation is written I plan to go back and redo blondie's turnaround in the new style I developed since the tuco turnaround.

I'm glad I went back and touched up the deisgn for blondie as I feel much better about the design overall and how He'd fit in with the rest of the cast.

Prop Design

When it came to designing the props for this brief, I originally settled on the idea of designing the breathing device that would be widely used in the World I was creating but due to time constraints I fell back upon a prop I came up when designing the Tuco character.

Since the basic design of a gun was drawn in a piece of concept art I went forward and decided to complete a finalised design for that specific one as well as two more for variety. The three are based off real gun models, atleast originally; one is based off a pistol, one a revolver and another a modern day hand gun. I also designed two types of ammunition that would work with the weapons.

I imagine that these weapons would use heat capsules instead of modernday ammunition, this game me the excuse to be a little more creative with the gun designs and their ammunition.

Overall I'm that I chose to develop these props as I feel the final result is a highquality piece of design and would be easy for a prop maker the materialise, either physically or digitally. The minial use of colour is some places was to differentiated the guns from modernday guns but to also make them look a little more interesting. In terms of design I'm glad with the way this sheet turned out.

Angel Eyes Turnaround

With the design aspect of angel eyes complete I continued through and created the turnaround for angels eyes.

Keeping in design of the original Angel eyes colour aesthetic of darker/darkest colours of the group. As mentioned I balanced this out with the use of the brown cowboy boots.

Again I used the technique of completing turn arounds in this new 3/4 manner and the painted style that I feel works well. Ideally if I had more time I would have made it a little more detailed but I still think this works for the final design. Looking over this turn around I feel that I should have brought more attention to the fact that Angel eyes has implants instead of organic eyes and it's clear to see in these final designs that the prosthetic arm I was planning to add was dropped.

Again, as with the Tuco design I feel this isn't iconically sci-fi but wouldn't look out of place in one ude to such minor design tweaks seen in the colour and the design of the tie.

If you've seen over the designs these a use of blue "tron" lines, I wanted something that would bring the characters together in some way and this was a simple but effective way to do as it's a subtle design choice. With this design complete that's me finished all the turn arounds, but with this new version I'm considering going back and redoing the design for blondie if theres enouch time between writing up the evaluation and the deadline.

Overall I feel this design works for Angel Eyes and is the step in the right direction for what I envisioned when coming up with this brief.

Angel Eyes Development (Part 2)

With the base idea of Angel Eyes down I developed a little further ironing out the the creases in the design. The last features that were added were twin shoulder holsters and the design of the collar and tie.

Finally I thought the addition of some sun glasses worked well to hide the cybernetic implants of Angel Eyes' eyes. The design could also work well as it adds to the creepiness of the character as he could reveal them as part of his shtick when he goes in for the kill of his victims.

Overall I really like the way the designs have turned out both in terms of design choices and quality of the illustrations, I also feel that these designs present a really good aesthetic of the character. With these complete I feel that I can move onto the turnaround of angel eyes.

Angel Eyes Development

With Tuco and Blondie Complete all thats left is to go through the process of designing Angel Eyes. This character was probably one of the harder ones to develop as I went through several different designs for just the look of Angel Eye's face.

It wasn't until after the final crit did I begin to create some looks that I was really happy with. I eventually opted for a middle aged look to the character with a shaved head as I thought this help add a bit of imtimidation to the character.

I still wanted to opt fot the hit man/ hired gun look, so the basic look of this suit didn't change much through the development but more details were added such as the concept of adding cowboy books. These were added as a general attempt to add a bit of personality to the suit and make the character seem a little more unsual than just a hired gun. I feel that this addition was a good creative design choice as it also breaks up the heavy use of blacks as the most logical step to take after giving a character a suit is to add formal shoes but, the idea of Angel eyes walking down a corridor and his spurs sending a shiver down victim's spine is something I feel adds to the character.

He still needs a little more work though.

Tuco Turnaround

With the designs completed and finished I though it was about time to complete a turnaround. The first thing you'll notice is the difference in presentation.

I went back and looked at the art of mass effect, it was in that book that I noticed that the professionals don't neccessarily adher to the strick front side back rules and instead go for a full front and back pose of the character at a 3/4 pose. Firstly this makes things a little easily as it means I'm not having to draw a third pose but I still translate pretty much the whole idea.

Next is the method of completing the turnarounds. Instead of using heavy black lines I use the paintbrush tool more and this still conveys the shape of the character and the detail but without the heavy black lines, again this is a much quicker process and I feel that the final outcome and aesthetic is much better than the previous versions.

In terms of the design of Tuco I'm quite glad with the way this has turned out, whilst not explicitly saying it's sci-fi it wouldn't look out of place in a sci-fi film. The darker choice of skin works in favour of the overall design. As mentioned in my research the characters of the good, the bad and the ugly the characters are define in the colour spectrum by shades of brown, to update this I decided to change this to grey, this does look a little dull but it fits with the aesthetic and current trends of "semi real" sci-fi films. Overall I feel that this turn around is a step in the right direction both for this project but as a development step as a conceptual artist.

Developing Tuco (part 2)

Once I had the general look of Tuco's face down I decided to carry on with desiging his costume. I drew what just came naturally and the design that came out was kind of vest thing.

I started to develop the full body design of the character, drawing influence from general design of the space suits of aliens from starwars. I tried to develop a range of emotions or poses to try get the feeling of the character down but it wasn't until I drew a piece of tuco siting at the table holding his gun that I really felt intune with the character.

Overall I'm happy with these designs as they've come and I feel this new style of creating the characters since the final crit is really working well for me. With this style in mind I feel that it's really going well, it's also at this point I drew a character holding a prop, be it a gun, but this opens up an option to develop that further as a prop.