Thursday, 19 May 2011

Working on storyboards

Today I've been working with the third party I said I would complete a storyboard. Firstly he presented his rough storyboards for what happens in his film and explained the sequence, together we discussed possible ideas for camera angles and the way he's planning to shot.

This gave me a good idea of how he wanted his story to turn out which would allow me to create a storyboard the client would be happy with.

So far I've completed a storyboard for 1 act of the client's 4 act film. This helps as it gives me a time frame of atleast 4 hours to complete a storyboard per act, which means that I should be finished by monday which will allow the client to use these as a guide when shooting. Overall I'm confident about this aspect of the project and feel that once it's out the way I can focus on the concept art fully.

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