Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Udon: An Illustration Company

Udon Entertainment is a company based in Canada that focuses on creating artwork for and with clients with a very Anime/Manga look. Established in 2000 Udon has work with a variety of companies to create images for various media such as Video Games, Magazines & Comics, DVDS, this work can include anything from cover illustrations to actual designs for the product itself, mixing both client and inhouse work.

Udon also publish a variety of Art books, such as "Art of" books for videogames or "Tribute art" books which collects images drawn by fans of a certain IP (EG Streetfighter, Megaman). The group seem to be massively community driven with their own network set up on which can be seen Here. Currently there are 21 memebers of Udon on Deviant art but there could be more as the site doesn't specifically say how many members they have.

Amoungst the large list of clients that Udon have amassed are big names such as: Capcom Co. Ltd., Nintendo (Of America), Dark Horse Comics, Marvel Comics, UpperDeck, Wizards of The Coast, Hasbro, Inc., Anchor Bay films, ADV Films and Prima Publishing. When looking over this work they've created a variety of works from covers for video games to advertisments for them as well as toy designs.

Their website is full of useful information such as contact details via twitter, facebook or email. As they also do comic work Udon have also been known to attend comic conventions which would be a good opertunity to meet face to face or maybe ask for critique on my portfolio. In the mean time I plan to email them and ask them about the general process of their work and other questions such as is Canada a good place for illustrators etc. Overall it's doing this research into companies that is going to prove useful once I've graduated as the industry I want to enter is relatively small and it's this networking that is truly invaluble (such as my experience with rockstar Leeds). by building up a list of contacts I'll know who to talk to after graduation and getting my foot in a door seems to be a good start to network even further.

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