Thursday, 12 May 2011

Top Locations for Jobs

When it comes to locations in some indutries small clusters may develop, already I know that there are small clusters of video game, animation and movie studios across the world.

Whilst searching the internet I came across the website: The website lists the majority of games companies that exist. This allows users to easily identify clusters of where to get work and where some of the best potential employers may be.

The site is easy to navigate as all users have to do is click on the little red dot and a list is brought up of all the companies in that city/county. Along with the list of names of the companies are the website and exact location in the country.

Hot spots include Vancouver, Canada with 50 games studios, Tokyo, Japan is another with 71 game studios, London is another option with 113 Game studios. When looking at the site map it's clear that there are clusters in America/Canada, Europe and East Asia. This site is offers a comprehensive list and makes job hunting a little bit easier, ultimately making it a valuble tool when it comes down to looking for employment.

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