Friday, 27 May 2011

Tools of the storyboard

When it comes to doing the storyboard I ultimately ended up using two methods of completion. One being traditionally with inks and markers, the other with computer tools such as photoshop.

When using the markers I was a little rusty but overall a little quicker, unfortunately the inks in the markers began to run out. This was the primary reason as to why I used computer tools, oddly though I felt more professional whilst using the traditional tools and the overall aesthetic look did give a more pro' look.

That said when it comes to using the digital tools, all I did was do the same work as I did with the markers but in photoshop with a digital paintbrush, the result was something more clean cut and clinical but just as effective. I feel that when it comes to using either markers or photoshop I prefer using the digital tools as it is a little more manageable than the markers and I don't have to worry about the ink running out. Currently I've completed the art for all the storyboards, all thats left is to put it together in a presentable format and send it to the client.

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