Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Super hero Redesigns, Project: Rooftop

Whilst looking at my usual websites for frivolous news to entertain me for a whole 10 minutes I came across a cool article about a blog where artist post their own re-designs of established Super Heroes. Project: Rooftop collects both artists work and news about costume changes in comics, in reality it's just a fashion website for super heroes, considering the natural of my own project I thought it'd be cool to check out.

There are some really cool unique designs on the website such as this one to the right by Kris Anka for Galactus, he explains his design choices here;

"My basic idea is that he is sort of a void of power. Make him a more visual representation of the “abstract” concept. The hole in his chest is where he eats planets. Afterwards his body physically becomes whatever main element of that planet was. So if he eats a star, his body becomes fire."

Check out more of Kris Anka's design in this post on Project: Rooftop here.

Then theres these cool concepts of the Spider-Man villain Venom possessing other super heroes by James Harren. He definitely captures the contorted feeling of the symbiote in the designs here.

The website seems like a great place for people to post up their ideas and it's already getting me inspired to do some super heroes re-designs of my own

To participate in Project: Rooftop all you need to do is see the guidelines (here) and send your design in. The great thing about this website seems to be that theres prejudice against level of a skill and that pretty much anyone can join in.

Once I finish my project this is something I can see myself doing for fun at least once a week as it's a great exercise to get the creative mind thinking.

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