Saturday, 14 May 2011

Putting it all together

With this being the 50th post, I though it'd be good to look over all the work I've completed for this project.

Firstly I'm still waiting for a reply from Rockstar Leeds but I'm optimistic for one.

Over the course of this project I've learned many things ranging from copyright, building a business, making contacts and learning about the ins and outs of trying to get hired. I've researched businesses, methods of getting hired as an artist and researching about networking and location clusters. The most important thing though is combined with my end of term project I've finally settled on what I want to strive to be in the industry.

With all the information that I've collected over the last few months I'm going to put together in a critical report that I should be able to use to show my understanding of the creative industry I want to enter and can then use as a point of reference to return to should I ever need them

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