Friday, 27 May 2011

One Last Revision

After looking at my photoshop concept piece I felt there was more that I could do before reaching the final turnaround. For that purpose I put together this sketche that I feel solidifies the aspects of the design in a more concrete manner that can be used for a final turnaround.

For this design I took two main points of influence 1 being the star fighters from star wars and the sneaking suit from the metal gear solid series. I added some designs to the overall suit and really just polished off the look.

Ultimately I feel i've come to the definitive design for the blondie character, there are things missing such as the gas mask as I've decided to make a more prominant feature in the world I'm trying to create so it's ended up being the prop that I will develop.

In terms of designing I feel I've got a good system for the process of designing; starting with inital sketches, going on to a more developed concept piece, then returning to do one last revision before a final turn around. This is my general process that I've been using so far and I feel that it's working well both time wise and as a design process.

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