Tuesday, 3 May 2011

New Time Keeping

With my R&D stage coming to an end it's time to outline my time for the practical side of this project more clearly. For this Project I have create 3 character designs, 1 prop (either a mount, gun etc)and 1 environmental scene, I chose these as I feel it covers a fair spectrum of pieces that are usually created for film.

During this time I still have to create a storyboard for a third party, something that doesn't really take up that much time but must still be completed with quality.

So with this work load in mind I have until 3rd of June to complete it all my new time management should look like this:

  • 3rd May - 18th Preliminary concept art (outlining and perfecting my designs)

  • 18th May - 3rd June create final versions

During this time I will complete the storyboard given to me by a third party so that it can be completed on time for their use, this is why it wasn't mentioned in my plan as it's a variable on the overall schedule, if I cannot get a third party I shall be completing a storyboard from a script this will commence around the 18th as well.

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