Thursday, 5 May 2011

More Networking Opertunities

If I were to enter into the creative industry as a conceptual artist there are many ways to network without buying plane tickets, one such method is to join

The Website boasts forums, workshops, Art work galleries that you can upload your own artwork to and view others. Vut unline similar art hosting sites such as Deviantart, also hosts events and has a section for Industy Jobs where comapnies can post that they're looking for artists for projects. Already this is afairly well known site and has thousands of users ranging from different levels of skill, the forums allow people to recieve critique from one and other but also this is a chance to get noticed.

Another aspect of this website that breaks away from the norm is the fact that they have a course in learning how to create concept art and fine hone your skills, this is none as "The Art Department" ("TAD") But there are costs which run up to a maximum of $45,000 for a 30 month course.

But they do offer scholarships based on a portfolio viewing.

There's a variety of courses to suit various needs and it may be an interesting expirence if I ever have money to burn or get on the scholarship.

Overall Concept art looks like a virtual space for the professionals, but it might be a good idea to go sign up and start participating in the forums as thats free to do on the site.

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