Friday, 27 May 2011

More "Blondie" Sketches

Here I'm just sharing more sketches I've completed of the "Blondie" character, with more sketches that get completed the more I begin to feel I'm getting to know the character and I'm approaching the concept stage sooner.

Here you can see other versions of the gas mask concept shining through as well as the use of the iconic poncho. I decided to stick with this rugged beard look personally because when I look at modern actors in films othen they're either clean shaven or have 5 o'clock shadow and this is really to try break away from that but to also draw parallels to Alec Guinness from the star wars trilogy.

Overall I'm pleased with the way the character is developing, I would definetly say I'm drawing influence from starwars as a design point but I do feel I'm building up (in my mind) a very space age bounty hunter/outdoors man type image for the blondie character. That said some sketches do turn out better than others and as I develop further I feel I'm hitting my stride when it comes to designing the character.

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