Thursday, 12 May 2011

Looking at Weta

Weta Digital is a New Zealand Based Digital FX company, amoungts their portfolio they have completed work for a wide range of projects ranging from movies such as Avatar, The lord of the rings, District 9 and Enchanted to high end commecials for products such as Nike and CK One. Currently the team is working on the movies The Hobbit and Tin Tin.

Established in 1993 by Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor and Jamie Selkirk the company has grown into the point where there are two sectors, Weta Digital, which deals with CGI effect and Weta Workshop which deals with physical effects.

The company describes itself as "world-leaders in all areas of visual effects production, including animation, motion capture, crowd generation, modelling, compositing, and film scanning and recording." Weta has also won many awards for it's work including 5 academy awards.

When it comes to applying for a job at Weta you first have to fill in an enquiry form to see if they have something that will suit you. The company rates itself highly and asked for top quality work from it's employees. Obviously with it being located in new zealand If I were to apply and get accepted I would have to move.

The company presents itself quite modestly on the web, it doesn't bring particular attention to it's awards nor does it have a particularly flashy website. This presents two impressions that either they let their work speak for themselves or that they're still unsure of how to present them selves to the web. Considering their history and level of quality in their work it's most likely the latter.

Contacting the company seems incredible easy, with an address and mulitple emails for the right department you want to contanct shows that they're set on making sure their work is organised.

The company definetly has a high profile due to it's high quality and awards but not much about the company's personality is spoken here beyond the usual "we deliver high quality work" stuff that can be seen a hundred time in any hundred other places. This makes Weta quite hard to pin down as a company.

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