Monday, 2 May 2011

Looking at More Concept Art

I've been looking at two other books for coneptual art research; "The Art of Star Wars Episode II" and "The Art of Hellboy".

It's interesting to see the differences between the two books, Star Wars is clearly the art of a film, where as the Hellboy book is more the art of a comic book. Both are the same in the respects that they serve as ground work for a final product. The art of Star Wars uses a mixture of traditional and digital techniques where as Hellboy uses purely traditional tools.

This piece here of a setting shows a very minimal use of form but perfectly creates a scene so that a viewer can see exactly what the structures are, complying to Chiang's three second rule.

The rest of the Star Wars book shows the concepts of characters, vechiles and creatures that appear in the movie from various artists including Doug Chiang. It's interesting to see the development of concepts from starting stages until their final versions and with Doug Chiang's insider information about his process as a professional Concept artist it makes this even more astounding to look at.

For the art of Hellboy most of the work is created using black pen on white paper. Much like the Star Wars book it's interesting to see the development process such as this image to the right, it is the first drawing that the creator, Mike Mignola created for his character.

In other instances Mignola has also drawn out plans for scenes, covers and characters. See these below, including a thumbnail of a cover for a comic and the final version.

It's important to keep looking at concept art as to help imprint the methods and general imagedry in my mind. With this I feel I'm nearing the end of the R&D stages and will soon be starting to create the concept art for my project.

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