Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Looking at Jobs in Lucas Film

Whilst on the Lucas Film website I looked to see what jobs they have that I thought would appeal to me, first of all they have a fairly easy system of just searching for keywords. Since my desired profession is to be a conceptual artist I simply put in "ART" when the opening for a "Concept Designer (Feature)".

The job is in California and the role is to "Work closely with the Art Director to design the characters and environments to be used in a CG animated feature film."

As mentioned in the previous post Lucasflm has several subsidiaries, this job will be taking place in Lucasfilm Animation. The tasks that I would be required to complete would be:

  • Create designs for characters, vehicles, environments, and props
  • Create orthographics and additional materials as needed to fully convey design to digital departments.
  • Completes work within the bid timeframe, while maintaining constant communication with production team.
This is slightly coincidental as it's very similar to my negotiated project that I'm in the process of completing, which means that before looking for this job I was aware of the roles of a concept designer.

Along with this the job mentions it comes with Benefits, I decided to research this by looking for the definition of this on the website:


Working at Lucasfilm has a lot to offer: A fun work environment. A competitive salary. Great career opportunities. Plus, our U.S. employees enjoy a comprehensive benefits package* that includes:
  • Medical, dental, disability and life insurance
  • Vision plan
  • 401k
  • Flex spending
  • Commuter benefit
  • Adoption assistance
*Specific benefit details will be attached to our offer letter. Our Singapore studio offers different benefits that will be discussed during the interview process.

Lucasfilm also provides benefits that will change your concept of what "going to work" means.

Beautiful, Natural Work Locations

The Letterman Digital Arts Center (LDAC), located in the historic Presidio of San Francisco, is just steps away from Crissy Field and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Skywalker Ranch and Big Rock Ranch campuses are located on thousands of acres of pristine, undeveloped land in Marin County, north of San Francisco. All three campuses provide a positive and creative environment for Lucasfilm employees.

On-Campus Meals

Fresh and healthy food is served daily in the Dining Commons at all of our US locations. The menus range from sushi to sandwiches — and everything in between. Some of the food is actually grown at Skywalker Ranch and certified organic. We subsidize the cost of meals for our staff, making them convenient, healthy and affordable.

Fitness Center

We believe strongly in staying healthy, and want to make it easy for our employees to do so. There are subsidized fitness centers at each Lucasfilm campus, some with on-site trainers and aerobics programs.

On-Site Childcare

At LDAC, on-site childcare services are available for parents with children between the ages of 2 months and 5 years old. Working parents can see their children on their lunch hour and pick them up as soon as the work day is through. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Company Store

Both LDAC and Skywalker Ranch feature Lucasfilm company stores full of products that you can buy — everything from Star Wars figures to hip-looking baseball caps and T-shirts, all at a substantial discount for employees. So, if you need that lightsaber for any reason...

Free Movies

Free first-run movies are screened weekly for all Lucasfilm employees and a guest of their choice. Catch them at one of four Marin County theatres on Saturday mornings at 9:00 a.m.

George's Art Gallery

If you like vintage film posters, you'll love working here. Vintage movie posters are displayed throughout all the buildings at LDAC, Big Rock and Skywalker Ranch. This collection of international and original Hollywood one-sheets is one of a kind.


We're into team-building here. You might be surprised at just how many employees take part in after-work athletic activities. Soccer, softball and bowling are just some of the games that we play together.

Company Get-Togethers

No one's ever said that Lucasfilm employees don't enjoy getting together for a good time. Every year, we throw a Fourth of July family picnic at Skywalker Ranch complete with softball, sack races and a giant barbeque. In October, the annual Halloween party and costume contest is extremely competitive and the perfect opportunity to wow your colleagues with your creativity — and win big prizes. In December, we thank the staff and their partners for a great year by throwing an unforgettable holiday party unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Thanksgiving Turkey

At Thanksgiving time, it is a Lucasfilm tradition to provide every employee with an organic, free-range turkey (or tofurkey for vegetarians) to enjoy with their family and friends.

As I mentioned previously Lucasfilm seems like a very friendly company that want to look after their employees and this inclusion of benefit schemes only re-enforces this mindset, making this job seem more and more appealing.

Finally Looking at the requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in painting, industrial design, or fine art preferred.
  • Two or more years of related production experience.
  • Strong traditional art skills, including knowledge of color, lighting, perspective, and composition.
  • Strong character/environments concept drawing skills a must.
  • Expertise in 2D paint software and techniques required.
  • Experience or knowledge of cinematic techniques, language and shot composition desired.
  • Demo reel and/or portfolio required.
They seem to definetly want a strong professional for this role, which unfortunately currently rules me out as even at the end of this year I will not have a degree in industrial design, painting or fine art, I also have no experience and my art skills definetly need improving. The inclusion of a portfolio is obvious but luckily I feel I met the criteria of knowledge under film making thanks to my course.

Looking at this job has definetly been a take two steps forward one step back as it's shown me some of the more attractive jobs there are out there but the requirements of degrees that I don't have currently is some what disparaging as I'm not sure how I'll get them. Obviously one of the most important parts of getting a job in the industry is to put together a stellar portfolio. This post has been insightfull at least in terms of me knowing about potential missing pieces that could be required of me in other jobs.

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