Thursday, 12 May 2011

Looking at Imaginary Friends Studios

The imaginary friends studios is an illustration company comprised of several key memebers; Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, Kendrick “Kunkka” Lim and Kai “Ukitakumuki” Lim. The company prides itself on not just supplying concept art, illustration and client work but doing it so with high quality and care.

With two studios one in Singapore and one in Jakarta, the imaginary Friends studio has built up to a large 30+ full time digitial Artists. They boast that the high quality work that keeps large name clients such as Square Enix, Sony, DC comics and EA coming back to them.

The studio offers a variety of services such as; Concept Art, Character Design, Entertainment Illustration, Advertising Illustration, Comic Production, Graphic Design and I.P. Development. In contrast to Udon, Imaginary Friends seems to broaden it's client base and gives a much more professional visual aesthetic, because of this they pride themselves in the constance flow of clients. Looking through the website the photos of the studios gives a very professional appearance which is probably another reason as to why they receieve many clients as it's not just the quality of work but also ways in which a business presents itself.

Along with client work, Imaginary Friends Studios has also created a personal collection of work under the title of "The Pepper Project". It's this deviantion from standard client work that shows that this company likes to keep their employees together as a little something more just workers, building up a community.

Contacting the company is fairly easy, either by post or email. The real question is how do you join the Imaginary Friends? This isn't really mentioned on the website but it may work on a similar basis like applying for a job, perhaps email them and send a portfolio. The group also have deviant art accounts which means that they have a strong sense of community and easier to contact on a more personal level. In the mean time I plan to add all members to my Deviant art watch list and email them for some more info about them.

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