Friday, 27 May 2011

How I create the Storyboards

When it comes to creating these story boards for my client I set up my studio as pictured. I blue tac the storyboard drawn by the client in front of me so I can refer to it quickly and easily.

I then set up my drawing board in front of it and tape my piece of paper to the board so it doesn't move. I used my triangle to make the lines and panels for the and work using traditional methods, this is because of the sudden deadline given by the client, this allows me to work quickly and to a level of quality I feel the client will be pleased with.

When I work with my storyboards I look at the client's originals I think of how I can make that image more interesting for the viewer to see, this gives the concept a fresh look that the client can choose to use if he'd like. Overall from start to completion the process takes around 4-5 hours, currently I have one and a half of the storyboards complete.

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