Saturday, 14 May 2011

Glasow Comic Con

Coming up in June is the Glasgow Comic Con. Previously I've looked at a few comic conventions and these are great oppertunities to meet both publishers and professional artists. There will also be events such as workshops, Panels and an art exhibition.

Amounget the guests will be the likes of star writer; Mark Millar, Superstar DC artist Frank Quiently and more. Having a chance to meet these professionals is something that shouldn't be wasted when you're looking to break into this industry, even five minutes is enough to potentially gain some valuable information.

There will also be independent publishers there who may just be there to peddle their own wears but sometimes they may take on someone to do work for them or maybe even publish something of your own, you never know you might get lucky. The site doesn't state if it's happening but there could be portfolio viewings which are always beneficial. Again as stated in the last post it's always best keep an eye out for events where you can personally meet and get info from professionals.

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