Thursday, 12 May 2011

Getting an App' onto the Market

Last time I looked at Apps and the power that they're having in gaining people's attention. I went over the pros of the service but how does one actually go about getting an App on the itunes store?

First of all you need to enroll as a developer on Apple by paying $99. With this you get all the tools you need to start creating your app, be it a tool or a game. These tools are Xcode, iOS simulator, Instruments and Interface builder. Along with these tools you also get resources such as tutorials and a Devloper library.

Once you've built your app you need to test it for bugs, testing it in realtime on a device that can run it, here you can find any problems with go back and adjust it accordingly. Then you have to test it with wi-fi running to see what effects it may have on the App. The good thing about this stage is that you can easily get in contact with technical support should any problems that you can't figure out arise.

Finally once it's all set and done, cleared of all bugs and polish added it's time to distribute it. All you have to do is pick the price and put it up for sale on the app store where you get 70% of the revenues, after that point you don't have to do anything else, no fees and you recieve the proceedes monthly.

This seems like a great way to get some work out there for a low cost if you're working idependently. It could also be a great way to get noticed out there with the right promotion.

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