Friday, 27 May 2011

Finished Storyboards

Since completing the art side of the storyboards, I then put them together in photoshop to make them a little more presentable and also add the notations of the client to help other parties understand what is supposed to happen in the shot.

I feel that just by looking at the series of images you can figure out the basic story of what's supposed to happen in the scene. Which I feel is what makes a good storyboard.

When I presented the completed storyboards to the client, he seemed incredibly pleased with the result and felt that he could use them, this to me means that I completed the project sucessfully, it also gave me the taste of working for a third party including such experiences as working with a tight deadline, overall this shows that I can not only deliever but also not crack under pressure.

Overall I created three storyboards for the client, with two reaching over three A3 pages and one lasting only two. I feel this is a substantial amount of work to complete in a short amount of time and that is also something to feel proud of, I did end up using some time cutting technique such as simplifying the characters in the scene but overall I've produced some good pieces of work, that as I stated the client was extremely pleased with which means this aspect of my brief has resulted in success.

With The storyboards complete I can now fully focus on the conceptual side of the negotiated brief, I plan to make sure this project gets completed well before the deadline.

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