Friday, 27 May 2011

Final Crit

Today marks seven days until the deadline for the project, it was also the day of a final crit where I presented my work.

Overall the feed back was good and I should continue with what I was doing but some attention was brought to the proportions of my character turnaround such as the arms being too thick but overall nothing was said too much about the design itself. With that in mind I plan to go back and fix these problems. Another issue that was arose was that some of the poses I had drawn the character in didn't really portray the ideals of the character, with that in mind I plan to do some more sketches to try do some more charismatic poses for the blondie character. My use of black lines was also brought up and it's something that I plan to change in the next itteration of the character turnaround.

My way of presenting my turnaround was well received and this gives me hope for the final pieces for when they're on display. What was fairly surprising was how well received my more recent design sketches were, in all honesty I personally feel I hadn't hit my stride until I was doing these sketches and that my previous efforts were a bit stiff, looking as though I was struggling with trying to adapt the iconic character. My plan from now is to work wholly traditionally and if colour is required just scan into photoshop leaving out "inking" as a whole.

From here I plan to continue using my process with a slight modification of doing the concept art pieces with traditional tools. Overall I feel that this was a good crit and has filled me with confidence to complete this project on time.

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