Saturday, 14 May 2011

Personal Connections

When it comes to this industry one of the most valuble things next to a good portfolio is connections. This is something I've always been told through the last through years working at Travelling Man, this was recently re-enforced by my chance meeting the Art director of Rockstar Leeds.

It's these connections that I can use either for advice or to try get work completed or even have a good word put in and it's these networking oppertunities are much more valuable than networking events such as comic cons as it means you're already a little more on the inside.

It's this position I should work on, ideally I should create some top notch work and see if these connections would be able to help me find work. Luckily in my position I've been working with the Thought Bubble convention and have had the oppertunity to meet guest artists on personal basis and get contact details, for the future its these oppertunities that should not be squandered.

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