Friday, 27 May 2011

Developing Tuco

For Tuco I wanted him to be an alien to try add a little bit of colour to the cast and really for my own personal sake of wanting to design an alien. I went through several design stages until I reach a design that I liked, from there I drew up a final version.

I wanted to try keep the face semi human or atleast similar so that I could convey the range of human emotions in him. The choice of colours were classic alien colours, green skin etc.

When designing the alien version of Tuco I really wanted to try keep the kind of sleezy, gringo look that Tuco had in the original film and I feel that with my design I got pretty close with my final version, all thats left to do is define his costume.

I feel that I'm progressing at a good pace with my work and that I'm at a point where I can complete the rest of the work in time for the deadline.

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