Thursday, 12 May 2011

Current Trends: The 99p game

Game Changers, there something that happens in every business. The most recent game changer in terms of the Video Game industry is that of App's (Short for applications), these Apps can be downloaded onto smart phones such as iPhones, Androids etc. but, whats truly interesting about these Apps is that along with tools there are now game.

Games on mobile phones have always existed, one such popular game was Snake II for the Nokia phones which help sky rocket sales. Today phones have transformed into something more akin to computers, with the ability to go online, download new Apps (essentially programs) these phones are becomming more powerful with each new iteration.

Along with these Apps, Games have become very popular, why? Simple reasons really. First off theres the low price, £0.99 seems to be the average asking price for a game in an App store and these games can be throughly entertaining/challenging and if they buyer doesn't like? They haven't really spent that much on it so it won't be a bother. Next theres the fact that people carry their phones around with them alomst everywhere and they don't have to pay extra for a portable gaming console.

Ofcourse just in writing this sounds silly but with App titles such as "Angry Birds" being downloaded millions of times, reaching the #1 list in hundreds of countries you begin to realise how successful these apps can be. Consider that a £0.99 game is downloaded a million times, now two million and so on, that becomes a lot of money for a developer and it begins to make you think, perhaps this is more than a current trend but more a slow change in how the market will work?

Ofcourse with these cheap prices theres been alash back on game companies who produce for PC and Consoles and it's not hard to understand why. If you can get a game for £0.99 instead of £30-40 you would, some developers such as Satoru Iwata of Nintendo have commented saying that the games won't be the same level of quality but there are many who would argue against it, especially when you look at the financial figures.

Already we have free games on facebook where players can decide if they want to pay for more content, then theres the downloadable content that you can get for console and PC games. Maybe it's these smaller transactions that the future of the game industry lies in?

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