Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Common Requirements

When looking for a job in the a certain discipline theres bound to be a few similarities in the requirements right? Obviously bigger and more well known studios will ask from someone with a higher skill, thats already a given. I'll be looking at several different jobs including ones I've already highlighted to see the trends in what employers ask of their concept artists.

This job as a concept artist at Belgium based Soft Kinetic Studios requires that the applicant have:
  • High school (secondaire) diploma or GED required
  • AA/BA/BS (Universite) preferred, or at least demonstrate through portfolio to exceed industry standards of art
  • At least 3 years experience in game or concept development.
  • Excellent traditional drawing skills and the ability to create concept designs for 3d models and textures in various stylization levels.
  • Excellent eye for lighting, shape, balance, composition, good knowledge of human anatomy and perspective.
  • Excellent knowledge of Photoshop and/or any similar package.
  • English/French is a must (verbally and written)
  • Passion for creating and playing video games.
  • Any experience with a 3D package a plus.
  • Proficient use of Photoshop, Ilustrator
  • Good communication, able to working in a team environment.
  • Creative, pro-active, continuously bringing new ideas and creativity to the team.
This job at UK based Media Molecule requires that artists have:
  • Show reel demonstrating how great you really are!
  • Proven ability to produce top notch work as an experienced artist (or equivalent role), on at least two shipped preferably console games
  • A strong technical background using 3dsMax, Photoshop skills, After Effects
  • A strong understanding of advanced modelling and texturing techniques and their applications to games.
  • Proficient in traditional art
  • Knowledge and understanding of the history/trends of art and design
  • Strong team player
  • Strong communicator

Then there's this job for US based game developer Amiqus:

  • Undergraduate degree, or distinguished college coursework in relevant fields, or proven portfolio of industry experience Minimum five years experience in Game Industry
  • Minimum two game titles completed, one title as a Lead Artist
  • Expertise in Adobe Photoshop
  • Expertise in 3D Software
  • Combination 2D/3D skills
  • Strong next gen character tech knowledge
  • Strong anatomy and sculpting skills
  • Understanding of all technical aspects and requirements of game creation
  • Strong abilities in character lighting, texturing, colour concept comps, and photorealistic rendering methods
  • Good people management skills and experience managing a large team of artists.
  • Has a positive attitude, collaborates and communicates effectively with others

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