Thursday, 12 May 2011

Common Requirements

When looking for a job in the a certain discipline theres bound to be a few similarities in the requirements right? Obviously bigger and more well known studios will ask from someone with a higher skill, thats already a given. I'll be looking at several different jobs to see the trends in what employers ask of their concept artists.

This job as a concept artist at Belgium based Soft Kinetic Studios requires that the applicant have:
  • High school (secondaire) diploma or GED required
  • AA/BA/BS (Universite) preferred, or at least demonstrate through portfolio to exceed industry standards of art
  • At least 3 years experience in game or concept development.
  • Excellent traditional drawing skills and the ability to create concept designs for 3d models and textures in various stylization levels.
  • Excellent eye for lighting, shape, balance, composition, good knowledge of human anatomy and perspective.
  • Excellent knowledge of Photoshop and/or any similar package.
  • English/French is a must (verbally and written)
  • Passion for creating and playing video games.
  • Any experience with a 3D package a plus.
  • Proficient use of Photoshop, Ilustrator
  • Good communication, able to working in a team environment.
  • Creative, pro-active, continuously bringing new ideas and creativity to the team.
This job at UK based Media Molecule requires that artists have:
  • Show reel demonstrating how great you really are!
  • Proven ability to produce top notch work as an experienced artist (or equivalent role), on at least two shipped preferably console games
  • A strong technical background using 3dsMax, Photoshop skills, After Effects
  • A strong understanding of advanced modelling and texturing techniques and their applications to games.
  • Proficient in traditional art
  • Knowledge and understanding of the history/trends of art and design
  • Strong team player
  • Strong communicator

Then there's this job for US based game developer Amiqus:

  • Undergraduate degree, or distinguished college coursework in relevant fields, or proven portfolio of industry experience Minimum five years experience in Game Industry
  • Minimum two game titles completed, one title as a Lead Artist
  • Expertise in Adobe Photoshop
  • Expertise in 3D Software
  • Combination 2D/3D skills
  • Strong next gen character tech knowledge
  • Strong anatomy and sculpting skills
  • Understanding of all technical aspects and requirements of game creation
  • Strong abilities in character lighting, texturing, colour concept comps, and photorealistic rendering methods
  • Good people management skills and experience managing a large team of artists.
  • Has a positive attitude, collaborates and communicates effectively with others
All of these jobs ask that applicants submit a CV and a Portfolio on top of these standard requirements, so lets start looking at the similarities. All 3 ask for an efficient understanding of photoshop, illustrator and atleast one 3D software, in some form or another they ask for high level of understand and practical use of art such as lighting, shading and anatomy. Another and slightly more obvious request is to be a good team player. On top of all that they all ask for atleast 2 projects worth of experience, now this is obviously where looking for a job gets tricky. It every job is asking you have experience how do you get it? the most likely answer is probably internships.

It's not odd that there are so many similar aspects thats required of people between these jobs as each one is pretty much the same, perhaps with a few minor variations based on what the employers wants from you. The good thing to know though is that if you feel you're lacking skill in one of these areas for one job by going out and gaining it you can boost your chances for applying and getting more.

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