Friday, 27 May 2011

"Blondie" Turnaround

With most of the design and conceptualising stages complete I proceeded to create a turn around for the blondie character. To the right you can see the turn around, Currently I still have to do a version with the iconic poncho.

Overall I'm happy with the result and I feel that I've got a fairly good sci-fi look with a fairly competant turnaround. This process took little over an after noon, perhaps around 6 hours. My process for completing this is by using mirroring tools in photoshop and re-using the front for the back, this is done to help cut time and keep a sense of continuity.

With this done and the sketches for the other characters nearing completion I feel I should have everything completed by wednesday evening/thursday morning, giving me enough time to catch up on any stary blog posts and complete an evaluation.

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