Friday, 27 May 2011

"Blondie" photoshop concept art

With the concept sketches complete I felt it was about time to create some more definitive concept sketches

To complete this piece I thought about the type of image I wanted to create, something that would translate the character's personality easily to a veiwer so I developed this pose (as seen to work with). Ironically it's very similar to many that clint eastwood has been in in his Dirty Harry series of movies.

To create the piece I first took a photo for reference of myself in that pose, the imported it into photoshop where for the purpose of speend roughly traced where the main shapes are. From there I elablourated ontop of the design adding what I had built up on.

I still feel that this concept could use some more work but at it's current stage it's a good point that collects all my design choices. Most notabley for the first time I used a texture brush, I found this a great and simple way of adding detail, I plan to look more into creating my own texture brushes so that I won't have to work with what photoshop has preloaded. Overall I'm happy with the direction that the blondie design is going in.

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