Saturday, 23 April 2011

What Makes a Good Piece of Concept Art?

As mentioned previously I've completed projects where I've had to touch upon concept art research, through this research I discovered that there were two types; Environmental and Character designs whilst are different have similar processes

Concept Art may first have a rough design that gets the feel of the area in the first draft and will ultimately look like this, detailed, well thought out and presented almost like a frozen screen shot from a film. Notice that with only the use of grey tones and blacks that depth and atmosphere is easily created.

It's the thought process and development of building up from rougher drafts to more final stages. Concept art can be created using digital or traditional methods but through my research it seems the more rougher pieces of work are created using digital tools and the more technical and detailed ones are created using solely traditional or a mixture of both.

It seems that the best concept art shows not just the technical aspect of a scene or a character but also an atmosphere or a presence. It's this quality of mixing atmosphere with detail that makes good concept and I will be keeping this in mind when it comes to creating my own work.

Here I've only just touched on Concept art for this project as I begin to research it in more depth over the coming posts I'm sure to learn much more about the art of conceptualising.

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