Monday, 25 April 2011

Types of IP Re-Invention

Over the last decade or so it seems that re-inventions of exisiting interlectual properties have emerged as a more common place thing. The whole idea behind the re-invention of an IP is to bring in a new audience, with in the whole concept of re-invention of an IP there is generally two types:
  • Re-Make: Which is generally "A piece of media based primarily on an earlier work of the same medium".

    So in example: The abundance of Horror movie remakes we've seen in recent years, but it's also seen in both Video games and comics. Often these re-makes are an attempt to modernise the original IP and bring in a younger audience.

  • Re-Interpretation: Similar to a Re-Make but often they do not follow the original IP in either characters, setting, or medium.

    This type of Re-invention is to bring in a whole new audience whom may not have liked or were targeted by the original IP. Often The characters will take on radical changes from their originals. A Classic example of this is the Samurai film Yojimbo was Re-Interpreted as a Western film; "A Fistful of Dollars".
In many cases it seems just as much with new IPs that these re-inventions have just as much as a hit or miss ratio. Most often it's seems that it's due to a strong fan base of the original they re-act negatively to the changes. As this project progresses I will be looking at various IPs that have gone under inventions and analyse them (Such as the Marvel Super Hero Squad pictured)

Due to my choice of choosing to Re-invent "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" I feel that meerly just choosing to re-make it would be uninteresting as a project as it'd just be the standard western to the current generation. From here I feel that a re-interpretation would be better, for now it's just trying to decide How I shall re-interpret one of the best westerns ever made?

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