Friday, 22 April 2011

Tools I'll be Using

Previously I've done several projects that required the use of concept art, so I'm familiar with a fair range of tools.

For this project I will be using a mix of Traditional and Non-Traditional art tools to create my body of work. First of all I will be using my trusty pencil case, filled with things such as a range of Pencils with different shades, a range of pens with various nib width. A new addition to my pencils case though is a Blue Pencil Crayon, this is due to after reading Mechanika: How to create science fiction art, the author Doug Chiang often uses a blue pencils at first to sketch out various shapes before starting onto the next step with conceptualising, blue is chosen as it constrasts very well against pencils and allows the artist to clearly seen where his next set of lines should be. In fact I also recently learned that Comic artists do the same thing as you can make the blue invisible when it comes to scanning the work. Not shown is a collection of Copic brand markers for colouring traditionally, most importantly the grey tone markers will be used in the early stages of conceptualising.

Along with pencils and pens I will also be using rulers but also a drawing table as due to it's titled angle it helps the artist keep everything in proportion as whilst working on a flat horizontal surface a pieces can become skewed due to the angle from which the artists is working on. I'll also be using 3 types of paper, Kent Paper (B4 size), Bristol Board (A3 size) and Layout paper (A3). The Kent and Bristol Board are much thicker and are a personal preferance as they're easier to draw inks on but pencils must be used very lightly on it. The layout paper is to trace over designs and make any changes without having to redraw the whole thing again, say I want to change the design of a hat worn by a character, instead of rubbing out I just place the layout paper of and draw a new hat on there photoshopping it in afterwards.

The non-traditional tools that I will be using are all essentially digital tools. I'll be using my computer thats set up with a Wacom (Bamboo fun) tablet and an extra moniter (Should it be required). My computer is equiped with Adobe CS3 (Photoshop and Illustrator). I also have Art Rage and Corel Painter to use giving me a wide options. These programs can be used to create completely digital works or scan in traditional ones so that they will be coloured and added to digitally.

Overall I think I'm well eqipped to start the practical side of this project. As I go through this project I will note which tools I have used for which piece of practical work.

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