Friday, 22 April 2011

Time Management

Time management is an important factor of any project with multiple deadlines, in this negoticated study there are two deadlines:
  • Intrim Crit' (3rd May)
  • Final Dead line (3rd June)
Within this time I also have a critical report for another project to write so I have to factor that in.

For the Intrim crit I should have a collection of all my research and the starting steps of my practical work to present, after that date it's time to blast on full steam ahead with practical work. Ideally I want my schedule for my project to look like this:

  • All Research & Development and decision making.
  • Intrim Crit.
  • Complete practical work.
  • Deadline.
Within the R&D stages I should have collected enough information to start doing my designs based of information from books and on the internet, this will range from notable concept/storyboard artists to techniques and professional protocal. Within this R&D stage I will also be trying to secure a third party to complete a storyboard for.

From there the practical stage will be creating the storyboard and designs I set out to do after the R&D using the tools and techniques I've learned from the R&D stage.

With due dates now in line I feel more focused and prepared for this project.

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