Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Projects on the Side

Whilst I've got this main project of negotiated study to do I've (Foolishly) added some personal projects into the mix, but the good thing is I've not really set a deadline any time soon for these so they're not going to get in the way of my uni projects.

The first is an extremely long on going project that I'm determined to get complete by the end of July with is my home effort of a comic that features the adventures of a small ninja called Fu. I originally started this back in late 2009 in my last year of college and have ever now and then gone back to add to it. Now the comic it self is only 8 pages long and I only got round to finishing the pencils for it oh, just last APRIL! That's right April 2010, over a year ago! So far there are 2 and a half pages inked, I plan to get completed and published by the end of July/start of August then, hopefully a completely new story featuring Fu of at least 8 pages out will by November 2011(Thought Bubble anyone?).

Another Ancient Relic that hangs around my room are two Qee keyrings that I bought some Eons ago. I recently took it upon myself to finally paint them (as white is a terribly boring colour). I'm using citidel paints that I'm sure many of you remember painting your warhammer models with as they're pretty good once you water them down abit. I know this as I had previously tried to paint a Munny but it went disastourously wrong.

A good tip before starting painting is I drew up some designs before doing anything else and another key element to painting these things is patience and a steady hand.

Every once in a while if I make progress with these projects I'll post whats going on with them, Peace out!

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