Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Electroshock Blues Plus Free EPs

This morning as I was playing around on my guitar looking up songs to learn etc. When I came across a write up of various Eel Songs. One of my favourite albums by Eels is "Electro-Shock Blues" so I started seeing what was there to learn and after a while I ended up recording a short cover of the title track from the album in only 2 hours, which I feel is an achievement..I think...

Along with this I've created music in the past that I posted up on myspace but I've decided to up the ante and release the first EP in all it's imperfection and a Sampler (or Single if you want to rate me so highly) of the new album I'm working on titled "Tight Dope" which includes the title track, "Dr Jesus Removed my Appendix [feat. Buzz Crandel]" and the cover of Eel's "Electro-Shock Blues".

This whole making music hobby thing has been a learning process as I go along, some songs may sound better than others as I'll have learned something new about the instruments and programs that I use, it's kind of what's made this so much fun to do, learning as I make progress.

Whilst the First EP, with it's wonderfully pretentious name "20//13:12//2,000+10" may be a little more technical is musical terms, I feel that with the upcoming "Tight Dope" I'm stepping into a pair of shoes that was meant to fit me. Anyway to download either of the EPs click the links below, or check out the links to the side.


Please, if you've downloaded any of these files leave me a comment. It'd be cool to get some feed back!

[Edit, I've removed tight dope for the time being as I've realised that it's not quite at the level of quality I want, so until then...]

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