Friday, 29 April 2011

Deciding on the Details

Whilst doing research I've been trying to decide how I'll re-invent/imagine/make the classic Sergio Leone film, "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". To help me come to this decision I drew out this little brainstorm, I thought about various genres I should try change the storyline to and what audience (age and sex) it should appeal to, then I was to decide which medium it should appear in.

Ultimately my choices led to me to change "TG,TB&TU" into a sci-fi film for ages 15+. In short this is what one of my dream opportunities would be and since I'm in complete control of this brief I want to create something that I would watch. I decided to go with a Sci-fi setting as westerns can translate easily into the genre, StarWars is just a western in space when you boil down the details. I choose the audience for 15+ as I feel that the content in the original film would be suitable for this age group and I really don't want to deviant from the original's feeling of grit or dilute it's content (that would be required for younger viewers). It's also partly out of this respect for the original work that I want to keep the medium as a film.

I did consider changing the medium to a video game but there's already so many world roaming adventure games out there; "Red Dead Redemption", "Mass Effect", even the "Final Fantasy" games so I don't think it'd feel that special as a project, doubly so since my previous project included making artwork for a game.

Ultimately it's also an excuse for me to really let my imagination loose, I love sci-fi movies and a love westerns so it's going to be a fun process to try juxtapose the two into something really stunning. With that sorted I've decided to make "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: In SPAAAAAACE".

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