Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Check This Out : Pandora's Tower

Earlier last year Nintendo announced a new game was in development for the Wii by the title "Pandora's Tower". Over the last few months details about the game trickled out, it was revealed that it'll be an action RPG in which a young girl Ceres is cursed and it's up to a soldier by the name of Ende to collect the flesh of demons in the tower to lift her of the curse.

Overall the game seems to be a fairly standard afair of action-adventure and that Japanese style of RPGs that fall along the ilk of Final Fantasy & Co. Most recently though a trailer was released that really picked up my interest in the title as whilst the game looks fun gameplay wise it's the designs of the monsters that Ende will have to fight, theres some really unique looking creatures and with a really stylised look that puts the same old monsters seen in Final Fantasy to Shame.

Check out the trailer below and look carefully at the monster designs!

It's small details in the monster designs like the use of iconography, and the large flat teeth that really give a lasting effect, also the colour pallet of blacks and golds give a very powerful look to the creatures which makes you think that "yeah, this is gonna be an epic battle".

Pandora's Tower is due out in Japan May 26th 2011, with a US and Europian release pending.

This is sort of a shame as the most recent game from Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of Final Fantasy) by the title of "The Last Story" hasn't seen a western release yet and it'd be nice to get some cool RPGs on the Wii.

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