Friday, 29 April 2011

The Characters of "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

Since deciding on how I'll be re-imagining "TG,TB&TU" I thought it might be wise to look at the characters again to refamiliarise myself with their traits and personalities so that when I'm designing I can try visualise these traits into the concept pieces. In "TG,TB&TU" there are three main characters; The Man with No Name, Tuco and Angel Eyes.

The Man With No Name

Portrayed by Clint Eastwood, The Man with No Name (refered to as "Blondie" by Tuco) represents The Good. He is a sharp shot bounty hunter who is often quiet and reserved but also very cunning. "Blondie" is hard boiled but not above emotion, his trademark squint helps define this rugged look, beyond these details the history of the character and general air about him should feel mysterious and the audience do not learn much of his past as the film progresses. His colour pallet consites of light to medium dark browns with a light blue, apart of his trademark look is wearing a type of poncho. His weapons of choice are revolvers and a rilfe (where needed).


Portrayed by Eli Wallach, Tuco Represents The Ugly of The film. A bandit with an unquenchable thirst for Greed, he's a character that can appear both bumbling (but not unskillful) and vengeful. He is a man with little honour who will rob from the dead given the chance. Tuco dresses very much in the similar attaire to a stereotypical bandit, large sombreo, black handle bar mustache etc. His colour palletes swing from medium to dark browns with gray, Tuco's weapon of choice is a custom revolver made from different parts of other revolvers.

Angel Eyes

Portrayed by Lee Van Cleef, Angel Eyes represents The Bad. A ruthless mercinary who always gets the job done but it should be noted he's not an uncivilised man and it's this cold look and smooth, calm demeanor that really makes Angel Eyes scary. His outfit consists of a Black hat and a dusty trench coat, like "Blondie" he is slender and this adds to his presence. Angels Ey's Colour pallet is in the dark spectrum from dark browns into black but his brilliant blue eyes should be noted, his prefered weapon is a revolver along with what ever weapon is needed to get the job done (shotguns, rifles).

On top of this re-familiarisation of the characters I feel that before I start to do any conceptual work I should sit down and watch the film once more and make note of design details, character traits and over all tone, but this is a good start as I'm already beginning to think of concepts in my mind.

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