Thursday, 21 April 2011

Books That I Will Be Using

For this negotiated brief I will be using awider selection of books than I have for previous projects as I want to really increase my knowledge and understanding of the process of creating conceptual art. In my own collection of books I have quite a few art of books which come from both movies, games and tv shows including some basic art (& how to) books.

The most notable books that I can foresee me using for the conceptual art in my research from here will be:
  • The Art of Star Wars Episode II
  • Caught in the web: Dreaming up the world of Spider-Man 2
  • The Encyclopedia of Fantasy & Sci-fi fiction art Techniques
  • The Art of Hellboy
  • Mechanika: How to create Science fiction Art
  • The Art of Mass effect
  • Imagine FX (Magazine)
When it comes to the storyboarding section of the R&D I'll most likely be using:
  • The Fundamentalsof Film Making
  • How to draw comics the Marvel way
  • Animation: From Pencils to Pixels
Ontop of this in my personal collection I have various art books that I can draw influence from when it comes to the designing stage of the concept art. In the following posts as I go through the project I will be noting how each of these books contributed to the learning of new skills or techniques, or possibly doing posts about what is featured in those books which makes good concept art.

Ofcourse this is just my collection of books, on tuesday I will be looking over the univeristies library for any more books that could be useful. The more I write about the preperation for this project the more excited I'm getting to start it!

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