Thursday, 21 April 2011

How I Decided What to Do for My Negotiated Brief

For this project the first challenge was to establish whart I wanted to do for my negoticiated brief. I knew intially that I wanted to focus on my conceptual art skills, I looked to various optionas in how I could complete a brief via this method. I considered doing some live briefs such as the Pepsi Film Festival of the D&DA Disney Brief, but ultimately I opted for creating my own brief as none of the ones I looked at fitted my idea for what I wanted to do.

I decided to start with the base theme of creating concept art and stemed two branches from there looking at either re-inventing an exisiting IP or creating my own. I decide to choose re-invention as it would save on a lot of R&D time to start with something that already exists but also because it would be a fun challenge to try give something a fresh coat of paint, so to speak.

From there I tried to decide on what IP I would re-invent. I decided that I would write a list of all IPs that I'm interested in to see if anything sparks inspiration in my mind. I first thought about re-inventing a fantasy genre film as something else, starting off with titles such as "The Lord of The Rings", "Jason & The argonaunts" etc. I then came across the idea of re-inventing the Japanese film "Yojimbo" but I remebered that it had already been done as the western movie "A Fist Full of Dollars", this lead me to choose "The Good, The bad and The Ugly" as my choice of IP.

Originally I wanted to re-invent it as a Sci-fi but at these early stages of R&D I want to keep the direction I want to go in open as I want to research more IPs that have gone through re-inventions.
Below are more pages from my Notebook from when I was trying to decide what to do.

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