Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Development of Concepts and Style

With these images I thought of the logistics of some of the features in my level such as how the chains attach to the environment from the chair, you also see a closer look at the swords prop. Here I decided that the chains came from brackets that were formed from the rocky walls. In these images posted I seemed to have developed my own style for conceptualising, this method of quick brush strokes helps me create images in a matter of minutes allowing me to work at a much faster pace. Currently I'm only working in grey tones, For the next set of concepts I want to start applying colour.

This image is an angle of whats at the back of the room, a collection of defeated enemies. Again the quick brushy style has meant that I created this fairly quickly and the result is quite dynamic. When it comes to modeling this though I may have to consider what tricks I can use to cut time but keep a certain level of quality. Here I added a window as a consideration to light sources but I feel it doesn't fit with the environment so I will develop this further.

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