Thursday, 17 March 2011

We're talking about Multiple UV map here!

So I checked my emails this morning to see a glorious reply from my tutor explaining where I've gone wrong. Apparently in my quest to try create a lightmap for my level I have created several different meshes for numerous items. In the end this resulted in the meshes not matching up with the UV maps as they drew all their information from one map. The solution? Simply adjust which map maya read the information from.

This is done by opening the UV Texture Map Editor Window and having the map you want to use on display and on the UV texture window click Polygons> cut UV map to> Map1. Instantly any problem I had with my texture not matching up with my mesh was solved. After some house cleaning of deleting unused meshes I start finishing up painting textures safe in the knowledge that my problem was easily solved by a simple click of a button.

Below is a video tutorial that my Tutor created that was extremely helpful in solving this problem.

Over the last week I've learned so much about texturing, I appreciate all the help from my Tutors as I can definetly see the results of this new knowledge put to use and I think I'm making some of the best work I've done in my two years on this course.

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