Thursday, 24 March 2011

Top Video Game Publishers

Over the years, Video Games have grown into a serious business, in my previous post I looked at the different roles involved in creating a video game. During this analysis I learned that Publishers hold much of the power over the process of video games being made in that they manufacture the product and finance the whole product. In light of this information I decided to do some research on the top 5 Video Game publishers in the Industry.

  1. Nintendo
    Revenue: ¥1.43 trillion
    Net income: ¥229 billion
    Notable IPs: Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, F Zero, Pikmin, Pokemon and more.
    Origins: Starting as a playing card company in 1889, Nintendo has since developed into one of the largest and most important videogame companies in the world.
    Based in: Japan, but has sectors in American and Eurpoe.

  2. Electronic Arts
    Revenue: $3.654 billion
    Net income: $
    677 million
    Notable IPs: Battlefield, Dead Space, Rockband, Mass Effect,
    The Sims, Burnout and More.
    Origins: Starting as just a Publisher in 1982, the company moved to start
    developing their own games.
    Based in: America, but has sectors in Canada and Europe.

  3. Activision Blizzard
    Revenue: $
    4.447 billion
    Net income: $418 million
    Notable IPs: World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero, Spyro The Dragon, Call of Duty,
    Starcraft and more.
    Origins: Created by a merger between the two american games companies,
    Blizzard entertainment and Activision in 2008.
    Based in: Amrican, but has sectors in Canada and the UK

  4. Ubi Soft
    Revenue: €971 million
    Net income: €89.8 million
    Notable IPs: Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Rayman, Myst, Prince of Persia.
    Origins: Founded as a game publisher in 1986 by five brothers of the
    Gullimot Family.
    Based in: France, but has sectors in America, the UK
    and the rest of Eurpoe.

  5. Take-Two Interactive
    Revenue: $968.5 million
    Net income: $137.9 million
    Notable IPs: Grand Theft Auto, Midnight Club, Bioshock, Civilisation.
    Origins: Founded in 1999 as Jumpstart Entertainment by
    Strauss Zelnick
    Based in:
    America, but has sectors in the UK.
With this information of the 5 top publishers, their net profit and notable IPs when it comes to future Networking events I'll have more information based on these companies, it also means that I can look out for these names at the these events knowing who to approach. The purpose of finding their base of operations is to high light the areas in which I could apply for a job, 3 of the 5 have a studio or branch in the UK. All of these posts have been for the purpose of educating myself in the world of the video games industry.

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