Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Toon Shading in Unity

For a while I've been debating how I want to present my game environment and character. Whilst I was developing my character I used the Kingdom Hearts game series as a huge point of influence as well as the work by the character design Tetsuya Nomura. This made creating the UV skin a bit difficult as I was trying to emulate a style but also add my own in there, this resulted in a very jumbled look that I wasn't happy with.

Recently my Tutor presented to me a potential solution to my predicament which is the Toon Shader function in Unity. This gives a cartoon look to 3d models complete with optional adjustable black outline. As soon as I saw the results, this was the style I wanted my game to look. To create the toon shading effect it's as simple as by clicking the option in the unity resources menu. By keeping in mind that I want a cartoony style character an environment UV texture painting and when it comes to developing my background.

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