Thursday, 24 March 2011

TIGA: Representing the Games Industry

Once you have a job in the Games Industry in the UK it's probably a good idea to sign up for membership to TIGA.

TIGA is basically a union for games designers in the UK, the organisation looks out for memebrs by being a political representative of the games industry, generate media coverage and developing services to enhance competiton between members to create the best games they can. This allows members to have a voice in the political and media world and that members will recieve the proper benefits such as redution of costs and improved commercial oppertunities, TIGA also make sure that views of game developers are articulated properly to the media.

By being a TIGA member there are also benefits such as assitance in seeking a job via the job board or job swap to make the process of getting employed easier, theres also support for those wanting to exhibit their work overseas at the various expos that take place across the world. There's also discount on services such as motion capturing, PR, legal and accountancy services. Along with newsletters and networking events theres really a whole host of benefits anyone coming out of univeristy can reap from joining.

It seems that TIGA is there to look out for both larger and small game developer's interest in the world, if anything it's good to join to have a union to fall back upon if anything should go wrong or you suffer indecent treatment at the hands of one employer. It's also good to be apart of a union to keep up on the latest information about your profession and the way the goverment will treat it, be it an increase in taxes or no pension funding, TIGA seems ready to fight for Game Developers rights in the UK.

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